TIE Interceptor 


Original Plate

TIE Interceptor Breakdown

Client: Personal Project

Artist Statement: "May The Fourth Be With You! This awesome Interceptor model from www.jrbassett.com was a great staring point for a personal project! After some serious retexturing in Octane Renderer, I captured what I think the First Order TIE Interceptors might look like! But that wasn't all! I had to comp it in to something! So I took a photo of my Disney Die Cast TIE Fighter on my awesome bookshelf and went to work in NUKE! And what an amazing May 4th post this is!"

Other Info: Base Model for the TIE Interceptor was from www.jrbassett.com. I retextured the model from the Imperial Navy color scheme to the First Order color scheme. I took the Original Plate Photo. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the audio track, nor the geometry of the TIE Interceptor Model (Although this was given away under a creative commons license) and I am not, nor ever intend to money from this content. The intent of this project was to showcase my ability to Texture, Light and Composite in a C4D, Octane and Nuke Pipeline, all while enjoying the fun of the Pop-Culture holiday: Star Wars Day.