TedX Sarasota Intro for Michael Hrostoski

Created for TedX Sarasota.

The theme for the 2016 TEDx Sarasota event is Technicolor Journey. There is a color image that can be used as inspiration and/or a foundation for the color palette and overall design motif.
Each pair of students will be given a name of one speaker. They are to research the speaker and topic, and creatively interpret a visual abstraction of mood or subject of the talk. The animation creatively resolves or reveals the speaker's name with the TEDx logo smaller, underneath. There will be a lockup provided for each group to match for the final frame. 
The animation should not be a literal interpretation of the speaker's subject matter. It is an abstraction, metaphor, stylization of the concept or tone of the talk. (There are no characters running around or talking.) If the talk is more comedic, then the motion and the timing would reflect that mood. The transformation from black and white to a full multicolor palette could be a possible unifying design element.