Rough Cut 1: 25% Animation

Critique Notes: 

"This is a very good piece. Just need to resolve some issues ... Not seeing bird injury [and the] bird [is] too flat and animation too straight on to match rest of piece" - Jill Taffet

Rough Cut 2: 50% Animation

Critique Notes: 

Jill Taffet: "This is a beautiful piece – but still need to find a way for us to connect with it more. Push [the] season change [like] we talked about. Re-edit end scene and cage scene. See Morgan’s notes [on] re-animation and VO, [Also] see Jared’s notes [on] what we discussed [about] opening up [the] edit and making it longer ... [to] help us to connect [with the piece] better.

Morgan Williams: "VO is a bit too dramatic, needs to be more matter-of-fact. Understand it's a placeholder... When deer gets afraid, motion needs to be much more exaggerated. Wounded bird animation looking much better, but needs more small, tight shaking motions rather than constant large movements. Big movement, hold and shake, big movement, hold and shake, etc."

Jared Greenleaf: "Christian, Concept is clear. Recommend looking for opportunities to pause the story, in order to allow the audience to see and feel—the voice over is over whelming and doesn’t give an opportunity to think for myself"

Rough cut 3: 75% Animation


"Audio is still not final. Finish audio and remaining animation. Clean up paper overlay. Finalize Clean Up" - Jill Taffet