Client: No Client, Defined as "Content for your Demo Reel"

Creative Brief: Create a 5 second animation using only primitive objects. You must use at least 3 primitives. Try to be clever with the animation!  You can animate position, scale, rotation, or any of the custom settings on each primitive. Try and come up with a cool way to transition between each primitive. Use at least two of the following animation techniques  (Anticipation, Squash & Stretch, Overshoot, Exaggeration). You will render the animation with an Alpha channel (transparent background). You will bring the rendered frames into After Effects and add a background. BONUS:  See if you can add type or other animated elements in After Effects. Your piece must have, at the very least, a music bed.  SFX would be killer.

Deliverables:  A 1920 x 1080 ProRes4444 file with the Ringling Slate at the beginning!