MTV VMA Show Open

MTV VMA Nominee Package

MTV VMA Wall Papers

Project Brief:

Objective: Working together as a studio, your team will develop and pitch three (3)* unique design directions for the 2016 VMAs. Your goal is to have one (1) of your team's solutions selected as the "winner", so though you will each develop your own direction, you will work together to achieve the best work for your pitch presentation. Only one studio will be awarded the job.
*One group of four students will produce four unique design directions.

Overview: The MTV Video Music Awards were originally conceived in 1984 as an alternative to the Grammys®, which did not then have a music video category. Famous for its "Moonman" statue (produced by Society Awards) and infamous for its predictably unpredictable in-show antics, the VMAs became a coveted music industry award by 2001 and continue to draw significant ratings among the prized 18-34 (Adults) demographic. Each year, the live show hosts a who's who list of artists from Hip Hop, Rock and Pop genres, plus pop culture celebrities of the moment. Annually, the show reinvents its look and theme entirely, taking cues from relevant fashion, music, art, social/digital media and location, but always strives to establish the trend for what's next. The 2015 show also saw a completely reimagined stage, created by "legit" set designer Tom Scutt (Links to an external site.).  The show typically takes place in NY or LA, but has also been hosted in Miami and Las Vegas. The 2016 event date has been set for Sunday, August 28, 2016. This year's host (if applicable), location, and presenter/performance lineup have yet to be announced.

VMA Nominee Categories

  • Video of the Year

  • Best Male Video

  • Best Female Video

  • Best Hip Hop Video

  • Best Pop Video

  • Best Rock Video

  • Artist to Watch

  • Best Collaboration

  • Video with a Social Message
    + Professional Categories: Best Art Direction / Best Choreography / Best Cinematography / Best Direction / Best Editing / Best Visual Effects

Tone: The Pulse of Pop Culture...Live / Loud / High Energy Fun / Unexpected / Unapologetic

Target Demographic: Adults,18-34 (Links to an external site.)

Deliverables: Professional Pitch Presentation (PDF + Verbal) showcasing your studio's proposed creative directions for the 2016 VMAs. For EACH direction, you must include...

  1. Logo Design
    - B/W; Video Music Awards
    - Styled Logo Resolve Frame

  2. Show Open
    6-styleframe pitch board. Convey mood, movement and design direction.
    - Intro MTV (logo) Video Music Awards
    - Demonstrate how lineup of presenters/performers
    will be treated (choose 4-6 artists/celebrities)
    - End
    in styled logo resolve

  3. Nominee Package
    Minimum 2 categories.
    - Category Title Card (introduces category. typically visible on in-house screen)
    - Nominee Name/Video Title treatment (type treatment for artist name, video title; with nominated video footage)

  4. Video "Wallpapers"
    Minimum 4 variations. Used on the main stage video screen, behind presenters.
    - 4 unique options that enhance the visual presence and personality of the show's proposed creative direction.