Moleskine Commercial Pitch

Client: Moleskine (FAKE CLIENT EXERCISE)

Creative Brief: Using Ad Master Formats as creative filters, you will develop multiple conceptual
solutions for a specific brand/product. You will then create and deliver an effective Pitch Presentation
to communicate your selected creative direction. This exploration is as much about the power of clear communication conveyed in a pitch presentation, as it is about the concept you will be developing. As for those listening to the presentation, you'll learn that using proper communication etiquette allows a collaborative group to support the presenter, clarify their ideas, and help drive them forward successfully.

MOLESKINE: Establish brand awareness. Promote the unique history, quality, and creative potential of the Moleskine Sketchbook to perspective consumers. Moleskine® Sketchbook: Heir and successor to the legendary notebooks used by great artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. The adventure continues. Even beyond the page.

Deliverables: Cover Page, Your Name, Course/Section #, Exploration 03, Concept Title, Company / Product Name / Relevant Images, Target Demographic, Identify the Master Format, Concept Statement, Synopsis, Storyboards (beautifully sketched), Design Approach