Client: No Client, Defined as "Content for your Demo Reel"

Creative Brief: Experiment with various recipes of splines / nurbs / deformers / primitives to create unique objects that can be animated in odd ways.  Animate the growth of lines or connectors to trigger various animations.Create a 3 to 5 second animation on the theme "Connections". You must show at least 2 "connections." You can interpret a connection in any way you like. Use at least 2 splines, 2 nurbs, and 2 deformers. Use at least two of the following animation techniques  (Anticipation, Squash & Stretch, Overshoot, Exaggeration). Use a color palette based on 2 complementary colors, one of which has several shades. Design your compositions using the principles of BALANCE and HIERARCHY. You will render the animation with an Alpha channel (transparent background). You will bring the rendered frames into After Effects and add a background. Your piece must have, at the very least, a music bed. SFX would be killer.

Deliverables: A 1920 x 1080 ProRes4444 file with the Ringling Slate at the beginning.